Thursday, August 28, 2008

Interner Explorer 7 - Most inspiring software of all times

After working for more than 3 years in IT industry, I just discovered the winner of the "Most inspiring software of all times" competition; and the winner is none other than "Internet explorer 7". Why? Because, it inspired me to use Mozilla Firefox :-)

Monday, November 12, 2007

A monkey who can not drive an F1 car

Niki Lauda is a very successful former Formula 1 car driver who is very famous for his achievements as well as for his loud mouth. He has driven for teams like Ferrari and he is also one of the most successful Ferrari drivers second only to Michael Schumacher. Niki has faced many embarrassments in life either because of his loud mouth or because of his funny (and sometimes scary) acts. This is one of such incidents.
Niki was the team principle of Jaguar F1 racing team a few years back. Jaguar was not performing well that time (well actually it never performed and that’s the reason why the company was shut down in just a few years). Frustrated with his driver’s line-up and their poor show in races, Niki made a very bold statement that

"Even a monkey can drive a modern F1 car".
His stupidity did not end there. Just to back his rather insane overstatement, he decided to step into one of the Jaguar F1 cars and do a handful of laps.
Well as expected, when he stepped into the car and started driving it, he stalled the car nearly a dozen of times, spun more than a couple of times and failed to complete even a single lap. In the 'Overdrive' magazine's next month's issue, there was on article on this incidence. The title of that article was,
"Well, there is at least one monkey who cannot drive an F1 car."

Sunday, October 14, 2007

The KISS (Keep It Simple and Stupid) principle. Part I - Wacky Interview Questions

In IT industry, taking someone's interview is like taking revenge... well... at least for people who sometime somewhere got humiliated and embarrassed by the questions asked by an interviewer. People actually don’t think twice before asking a question. Most interviewers ask question simply because they 'want to ask something' and not because 'they have something to ask'. One of my colleagues used to open a book, get the basics cleared before going out to take an interview. I remember a "trying to be cool but look like a fool" type guy who asked me how to implement stack using queue (Why would you do that Jerk?) ... anyway, That was his way to test the logic...but here is the funniest of all incidences...
A so called geeky guy was interviewing one of my friends. The geeky interviewer probably was a C/C++ expert and was a guy who can play with bits and bytes and do system programming everyday. The interviewer asked my friend a very simple question (which by the way was a geeky question according to him). The question was,

"How will you write a piece of code that will return a positive number when u pass a negative number to it and vice versa?"

This geeky C++ maestro was expecting a rather complex answer to the question. An answer that would probably include process of converting number into a bit array and shifting the bit array to its left...process carry...blah .. Blah ... Blah .... When he got the answer from my friend, he was stunned... the answer came in split second and was like a new invention for the interviewer... the answer was,

"Sir, multiply that number by -1”

Excellent answer my friend. Probably you should have told him a few other ways as well. Something like (i= -i) and I m pretty sure that he would have died in his chair by then.